Papik is a project born from an idea of ​​the Roman producer Nerio Poggi author, composer, arranger that ranges from nu-jazz, soul and pop. Nerio Poggi has collaborated with Mario Biondi on many projects including the albums Handful of soul and I love you more.

The “Papik” project is tied to the purely Nu-jazz sound and usually relies on collaboration with the voice of Ely Bruna and Alan Scaffardi.

Among the many musicians involved we point out: Fabrizio Foggia on piano, Pierpaolo Ranieri on bass, Fabio Tullio on sax and Massimo Guerra on trumpet.

Nerio Papik Poggi has numerous projects with IRMA records, including the debut album Rhythm of Life, he has the pleasure of performing on many live performances including those of the Blue Note in Tokyo and the Blue Note in Milan stand out. In his way of working Papik has always promoted collaborations with many musicians and singers, creating a very rich and talented working group.

This is the second volume in homage to Lucio Battisti containing 14 tracks all revisited in a particular style as Papik knows how to do. Singers and musical performances such as Dirotta Su Cuba, Alan Scaffardi, I Ridillo, Ely Bruna, Franchie Lovecchio, Alessandro Pitoni, Michele Ranieri, Vittoria Sigillino and many others enrich the collection of songs, good listening!

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