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  • New album by The Shiffers ‘The Kaleidoscopic Dreams of a Parmesan Cowboy’

    THE SHIFFERS is Claudio Zanoni’ solo Project . He is one of the Authors and Trumpet player for the Ridillo acclaimed outfit with Five Albums under their belt and numerous prestigious collaborations from Eumir Deodato

    in Acid Jazz
  • IDA LANDSBERG – Cherry Tree Lane

    The German singer, piano player and song writer Ida Landsberg finally releases her first album of unedited songs with IRMA records after her first two albums of jazz and bossa nova standards released by EQ

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    “Waiting For the One” is the third and brand new effort for Sugarpie and the Candymen. Why the title “Waiting for the One“? As the exact meaning goes, “waiting for someone, something that really makes

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  • BRAIN – BrainStorm II

    BrainStorm II è il secondo disco solista di Francesco Spatafora a.k.a. Brain (1983). Il rapper, membro fondatore dei Fuoco Negli Occhi, pubblica l’album per due Etichette, Auodioplate Records e Mandibola Records (sottoetichetta di IRMA records). BrainStorm

    in Hip Hop
  • ORCHESTRA VOLARE – Italianissimo

    ITALIANISSIMO it’s the Title of ‘Orchestra Volare’ first album, an ensemble of musicians of the highest level, that for many many years have been the backing Band of Artists like, Gianni Morandi, Nomadi, Anna Oxa

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  • DRUNKEN BUTTERFLY – Epsilon Reloaded

    Released almost a year ago for IRMA records, “Epsilon” represents for Drunken Butterfly a return to the sounds of the origins, but with the experience gained in ten years of musical activity. After having explored

    in Industrial
  • NEJA – Neja Vu

    For 2013, Neja gets ready to release her brand new Album ‘Neja Vu’: 12 tracks (that include some original titles and some and covers) arranged by Nerio “Papik” Poggi. The constant feature of this work

    in Dance
  • MR WOLF – Problem solved

    Mr. Wolf it’s the brand new project that starts straight from the deep passion for West Coast and A.O.R. Music (Adult Oriented Rock) by Nerio ‘Papik’ Poggi and Alfredo Bochicchio (versatile guitarist with numerous collaborations

    in Rock

    A distanza di due anni dall’uscita del precedente Giovanna in India (IRMA records) Stefano Bittelli pubblica il suo secondo album da solista. Dopo una vita passata come autore e musicista dietro le quinte della grande

    in Pop
  • COUTURE CHIC – Velvet Bossa

    Elegance, warmth and sensuality translated into music to create an enveloping sound, capable of projecting the public on the shore of a beach at sunset, and to accompany him on an interesting journey where timeless

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