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    A musical trip with a lot of sound contamination from around the world. Thanks to Cuban, Brazilian, Arabic, English and Italian artists, it was possible to create 15 tracks that draw us into a dimension [&hellip

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  • PIER BERNARDI – Re-birth

    Re-Birth by Pier Bernardi, the 2017 record where the Italian bass player express his view about contemporary music in ten compositions exploring different ways of playing the bass as main melodic instrument. As a composer [&hellip

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  • (Italiano) EMANUELA CAMPANA – Fortissimo

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  • LOOP THERAPY – Rust & Dust

    Subito dopo la pubblicazione di Opera Prima, i Loop Therapy iniziano a collaborare dal vivo con artisti come Bassi Maestro, Hyst, Ice One e Ghemon. La collaborazione con Bassi Maestro si fa sempre più intensa [&hellip

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  • (Italiano) LOOP THERAPY – Opera Prima

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    Renato Cantini – Born in 1974, is a trumpet player and producer of the Italian avant-garde jazz scene . The magazine JAZZIT , with review of the album Neverwhere, writes about the Tuscan artist: a designer [&hellip

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  • SUZ – Lacework

    Bolognese singer Susanna La Polla aka Suz became known in the early 90s as a backup singer and vocalist for the pioneer of Italian ragamuffin Papa Ricky. In the noughties with producer and bassist Ezra [&hellip

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  • KATO – The Swingmaker

    THE SWINGMAKER is the first collection of Jazzy Beats of beatmaker from Micro B team: Luca Caminiti aka Kato. The sound here proposed is definitely due and connectable to the first production: L’arcano & The [&hellip

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  • MELANIA – Songs, canzoni e canzonette

    Melania Ciasullo aka Melania or Mel, one of the founders of the group United Peace Voices and collaborator of many of Irma Records projects, presents her first solo album: ” Songs, canzoni e canzonette” in [&hellip

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  • (Italiano) BLITZ – Marte è un paradiso

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