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Maddalena has been involved in different music genre before getting to electro-pop. Since she was a kid she was madly in love with American female songwriters such as  Lisa Germano, Cat Power, Hope Sandoval, Ani DiFranco.

She loves rock music, post-rock, country, rockabilly, pop, alternative Italian music, blues…

Yet her first album Electrodream (Irma Records, 2015) comes from her passion for german kraut rock ,electronic music, ambient music from the 60s, new-age and synth-pop from the 70-80s and trip-pop from the 90s (also as a young composer she names her band after Popol Vuh’s masterpiece Hosianna Mantra).

Maddalena writes her own songs with an old acoustic guitar and together with her friend/producer Andrea Muccioli (Stop Records-Stop Studio Rimini, Italy) she manages to bring her emotions and thoughts into an artificial world.

Maddalena became this: after years of positive vibes she now wants to make music for herself.

Sounds, synth, rhythmic lay on the acoustic tracks reverberating old memories from Maddalena’s trips to Japan, Ireland, Milan. Some of these memories are real, some of them are not but this does not make them less true.

Strings sublimate. Music is the only thing left.


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