CoverAdrianoMariaI have always listened to any kind of music without any sort of prejudice only driven by my passion and my curiosity to learn, discover, and “dig deeper”. Labels and categorizations have never limited my choice, in my opinion they are only useful for organizing the stuff and “arrange it”. This work symbolizes how music should be played. While listening to the tracks, someone told me, i’m a visionary. I have never thought I was, but if someone stated it while “listening to my music”, I’m proud and grateful for this. I was asked to express an opinion on my tracks using an adjective; i said with a simple word they were “different”; as I believe we can consider them free of any logical stereotype and, somehow, timeless. What is certain is that this work arises from my huge passion for music conceived in all its shapes and variations. I have been spending 25 years playing on a dj console and when I decided to commit myself in something different,  something “new”, I did it with a view to creating this project. It took me 3 years to write and rewrite, to play and play again any single part and score; while working on that project I have discovered and appreciated the colors, the scents and the sounds of music. I was born on 24th September 1965 (zero), i began my dj career in 1990 (twentyfive), and i celebrated 25 years carreer in 2015 just when I was fifty (fifty) and this is the world i’m living in.

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