Here’s the second record from jazzincase titled the Second. The theme of unceasing time passage, already dealt with on the previous album, also dictates the chronological order from the start of their record path. Published as usual by Irma Records, this album wants to underline the progress of the path of jazzincase characterized by an ever-growing experimentation and focused on compositional evolution always attentive to emotional content and to the meaning of lyrics, never forgetting sound research topic always aimed at maintaining acoustic mood in their music to which they are added electronic elements too.

jazzincase aim to join the original aspect of lyrics to important arguments of actuality as love games, food dysfunctions, increasingly widespread not just in the young population and to counteract drug use. Always looking for original and innovative ways of writing joining them to compositional skills which vary based on the main concept of every single music piece.

jazzincase has several meanings: Jazz in a case, not only Jazz.

Since 2016 an idea pursued by a trio performing and writing original smooth jazz songs and which also arranges in a personal interpretation, very well known songs in the international music scene. In their path to today have been added piano players and arrangers as: Danilo Riccardi, Alessandro Deledda, Peter de Girolamo, Nerio Papik Poggi and more Carlo Maria Micheli, Eric Daniel and Giovanni Sannipoli on Saxophones, Cesare Vincenti and Massimo Guerra on Trumpet, Luca Scorziello on Percussions, Toti Panzanelli on Electric Guitar, Fabrizio Foggia on Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Emanuele Giunti on Grand Piano.

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