Cesare Pizzetti is a double bass player and composer, born in Milan on August 5th, 1980. He approaches the world of music as a child thanks to his father who is also a musician, playing the trumpet and the classical guitar. He then went on to study the electric bass and then the double bass, an instrument in which he graduated from the G. Puccini Conservatory in La Spezia under the guidance of Maestro Gabriele Ragghianti.

Musician and multifaceted composer, in his artistic career he has faced many musical genres: from pop to rock, from traditional Argentine tango to Bossanova, from songwriting to hip hop (with the group Loop Therapy). But jazz is his first great love. Almost ten years after the publication of Contraire (Music Center 2010), his first author’s album, he returns to jazz with It’s Clearing Up Again. Seven original compositions in addition to Broadway, a famous standard from 1940. With him three talented musicians for years active in the Italian jazz scene: Tullio Ricci on tenor sax, Simone Daclon on piano and Vittorio Sicbaldi on drums. The album also features, in the song Via Grossich, the collaboration of Maestro Tullio De Piscopo, a veritable institution in the Italian and international music scene, with which Pizzetti has been playing steadily for the past ten year

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