Zoltán Nagy, a.k.a. From P60, hails from Hungary. He met electronic music at the beginning of the ’90s, influenced by Simon Angel. He became a DJ at the age of 16, playing house and drum’n’bass. His favorite artists being LTJ Bukem and The Timewriter. When he was 20 he met the members of a formation called Le Garage (Krisztián Dobrocsi and Gábor Pasztorális) who taught him how to produce music. After four years of working and learning, his first EP was released by Rhythmic NYC in New York, followed by 2 EP’s on King Street Sounds. His music has been licensed to the different compilation and his works with Forteba were released by Plastic City. Recently Zoltán has made remixes for Demarkus Lewis, Bengi Jumping, Aaron Tesser, Gero, Tomoki, and Nono. Realize is his first album as From P60, with co-labs from popular American vocalist Todd Williams and Hungarian singer Virag Keszthelyi, popular thanks to her work with Lushlife Project (Mole Listening Pearls) and Gero.

This EP contains many small musical gems ranging from downtempo to deep-house very stylish. All embellished by the voices of Rogiers and Virag and the remixes of Sam Ruffillo and Guido Nemola. Put on the headphones – From P60 is back!

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