Velho 4 is Roberto Rossi’s solo project born several years ago and of which only a few tracks have been released to date in some compilations of the Italian label IRMA records. It is a project set mainly on the sound of drums, percussion, and vibraphone with the addition of vocal parts and melodic sounds always generated by percussion chosen in its particular set. The final work is the result of over-engraving made in an analogical way with 4 vintage tracks.
Statacatu is the first album where composed songs are collected over several years.

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Roberto Rossi was born in Castel San Pietro (BO) Italy in 1963. Drummer, percussionist and composer, he initially studied the technique of Latin-American percussion with the Puerto Rican percussionist Daniel Barrajanos (Ertha Kitt), deepening then the study of Brazilian percussion traveling along Brazil itself. From these experiences comes his set composed of drum elements and elements of traditional Afro-Brazilian percussion.

In 1996 with the Zabumba Company group, he spent a month working in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. In 1999, together with Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic, he held a seminar on Brazilian rhythms in Natal (Brazil). The passage through many experiences as well as the various musical styles such as jazz, funk, rock and blues allows him to develop a great versatility and expressiveness on his very personal instrument, therefore, besides collaborating with Italian, Latin-American artists, Cubans, African-Americans, Africans, sporadically holds seminars in schools and conservatories, the last one in Castelfranco Veneto together with Daniele Santimone and Silvia Donati.

The bands that also represent him as composer and with whom he played live in Italy, Ireland, Japan and Portugal are: Banda Favela (Steve Girotti, Angelo Campagna, Maruça Rodrigues), Arcoiris (Silvia Donati, Giancarlo Bianchetti, Davide Garattoni, Maurizio Piancastelli, Andrea Olivi) and of course Velho 4 (Roberto Rossi).

For a period of more than ten years he is part of the group of Rosalia De Souza (Roberto Taufic, Sandro Deidda, Antonio De Luise, Giancarlo Maurino) performing a lot also outside Italy (Japan, United States of America, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Madeira Island and others). He also performs in some of the major Italian and international clubs and theatres and participates in the following festivals and events: JVC Festival di Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Blue Note, Pomigliano jazz, Umbria Jazz Winter, IV Festival internazionale del Blues e del Jazz degli Alburni  (Salerno); Estate Campese (Reggio Calabria); Catania Jazz; Colle Jazz (Livorno); Festival Latino Americano (Modena,Torino e Milano); Asti in Concerto; III Festival delle Rocche (Montà d’Alba); Musica & Dintorni (Piozzo); Note di Colore (Brescia); Fermo Posta (Sarzana); Projeto Seis e Meia (Teatro Alberto Maranhão – Natal, Brasile); Veneto Jazz; Pavone Open Jazz Festival;  Marostica in Jazz; Spiritus Mundi (Costiera Amalfitana).

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