Born as an internal experience, where impulsive intuition alternates with reflective moments, changing the point of view and creating new possibilities, this new ep is a contrast between ideas and methods that shapes shared perspectives. Yihequan blend hip hop, jazz, funk and electronic in these 6 tracks, giving the listener the possibility to imagine and create his own vision.

Yihequan are an Italian music duo born in 2016 devoted to music, especially Funk, Jazz, and Hip Hop. The band released 2 singles in 2017 and their first Ep Sciamano on September 29th. Sciamano was shared on Provocative Educative! and Mindful Music youtube channels and on Rinse France Radio as well. The song Sciamano was selected between the best beats of September 2017 by Austrian magazine Here is their second album, released today for IRMA Records.


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