Virtual Time is a rock band from Vicenza (Italy) definitely founded in 2012 composed of the drummer Alessandro Meneghini and the guitarist Luca Gazzola and consolidates with the arrival of the bassist Marco Lucchini and the singer Filippo Mocellin. The fours started immediately to experiment and to search the feeling and intensity among them necessary to create their own personal sound that leads to the creation of numerous songs. Style and influences of the band can be recognized to the fantastic sonorities of the 70s with all the variants: from the Hard Rock of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to the Progressive Rock of King Crimson and Pink Floyd, passing through the Folk Rock of CCR and CSN&Y but also touching something alternative like Muse. The first EP Getting Twisted represents the most aggressive side of the band. Three songs formed by powerful guitar riffs, scratching voice mixed with a bass and drums always incisive. In April 2014 they promote Getting Twisted in Spain, playing eight fantastic concerts in the most famous Spanish cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Cordov. In the spring 2015 after a tour in Italy the band starts to record the first album at Hate Recording Studio with Federico Nardelli as artistic producer. After two intense weeks of work the album is finally ready and in December the new first single from the album Fire World II and its videoclip has been released in premiere for On January 2016 Fire World II is the song of the week for The Rocket on Virgin Radio Italy, on February Virtual Time are the Just discovered band for MTV New Generation.

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