Bolognese singer Susanna La Polla aka Suz became known in the early 90s as a backup singer and vocalist for the pioneer of Italian ragamuffin Papa Ricky. In the noughties with producer and bassist Ezra Alessio “Alessiomanna” Argenteri (both already members of the band Casino Royale) is then landed to an elegant and refined trip hop with the album Shape of Fear and Bravery (2009 – No.Mad Records) and One Is A Crowd (2013 – No.Mad Records), both welcomed with enthusiasm by italian music critics (newspapers like Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Il Resto del Carlino, Il Manifesto and magazines like Internazionale, Rumore, Il Mucchio Selvaggio) and several international music blogs. From her latest album One Is A Crowd were taken two singles. Distant Skies (a collaboration between Suz and renowned US producer KutMasta Kurt), and Rubber and Glue (co-written with the actress, singer and fellow citizen Angela Baraldi).

The two songs were accompanied by promotional videos filmed respectively by Matteo Bombarda from Undervilla Production and Andreas La Marmora for Penguins Freckles (UK). After performing live in major Italian cities, she opened DJ sets for Bristol sound’s pioneers as Daddy G (Massive Attack) and Roni Size, and has also been invited to perform in Mannheim and Leipzig as an artist representative of Bologna Unesco City of Music, Suz gave rise along with some of the most popular musicians of the jazz scene in Bologna as Valerio Pontrandolfo (tenor sax), Nico Menci (piano), Bruno Briscik (bass) and Marco Frattini (drums), to the Suz Jazz Quintet, a new project that explores the origins of the sounds that have partly inspired the main exponents of trip hop. Also currently involved in the dub and techno project Weight Treble, alongside Massimo Carozzi (Zimmerfrei, El Muniria) and Manuel Giannini (Starfuckers), this vocalist and songwriter from Bologna also boasts collaborations with DJ Katzuma, Dj Pandaj, Black Job, and lasts but not leasts with TY1 aka DJ Tayone (Suz contributed to three tracks of Hardship, the forthcoming album of the magician of turntablism) and with the American musician Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult).

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