THE SWINGMAKER is the first collection of Jazzy Beats of beatmaker from Micro B team: Luca Caminiti aka Kato. The sound here proposed is definitely due and connectable to the first production: L’arcano & The Micro B Orchestra (Dentro il Baule) of which Luca has produced all the instrumentals. The cover it is made by Andrea Caminiti.

Born in Rome on October 28th 1982, gets passionate about hip hop from the early ’90s, during what we now identify as the Golden Age of rap. He started experimenting with beatmaking around 2002, using just an old computer, and during the same time he created the hip hop group Lirici Distanti, together with L’Arcano and Oren, one of his oldest and dearest friends. They manage to produce a demotape, receiving good reviews for its experimental rap from many specialized magazines. That experience would lead, years later, to the creation of the Micro B Prod crew, the artistic family behind every single one of his productions, like the hip hop/jazz album Dentro il Baule by L’Arcano & The Micro B Orchestra, Smokey’s Kitchen together with the New Jersey’s rapper Tre-L, and many other beat tapes for the underground market. Kato is currently finishing Almamara‘s first album, a dark and minimalist hip hop work conceived together with Oren. The Swingmaker is his first project as a solo artist, ten instrumental tracks with strong soul and jazz vibes.

Listen here.

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