Renato Cantini – Born in 1974, is a trumpet player and producer of the Italian avant-garde jazz scene . The magazine JAZZIT , with review of the album Neverwhere, writes about the Tuscan artist: a designer of soundscapes from which we perceive knowledge and the evolution of style Miles Davis. The approach to be self-taught and his encounter with the instrument in old age, tells the story of a musician from the initial profile typically ”Naif “, which will meet the first teachers only after the age of 25/26 years. After studying privately the technique of the instrument  with Simone Squarzolo, the meetings take place that will mark him throughout his career: Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Nico Gori, Franco Cerri, Marco Tamburini, Daniele Principato, Bruno Tommaso, Giancarlo Schiaffini and many others. Expert in computer music and music therapy is still the only producer of her albums that have positive reviews about the most well-known journals: JAZZIT, Mucchio Selvaggio, Sodapop, JAMYOURSELF. As a sideman and composer has about 50 recordings to his credit. The albums best-known are: Neverwhere (feat. Daniel Principality, Nico Gori, Stefano Tamborrino, Claudio Ingletti) and The Fish (with Andrea Checcucci on guitar) went out for the label EVENEIGHTSRECORDS. This album, IPNOTIZE , produced in collaboration with bassist Michele Staino.

Michele Staino (Fiesole, 1980) starts his musical career attending the lessons of bassist Franco Nesti at “Centro Attività Musicali” in Florence in 1994. He moves to the double bass in 2004 and that same year he goes to the Siena Jazz summer seminar where he has the chance to study with Furio Di Castri and Piero Leveratto. For some years he also attends private classes with Raffaello Pareti. Almost immediately he is playing with many jazz bands. Among others he played with: Alessandro Di Puccio, Lu Colombo, Ruben Chaviano, Alessandro Lanzoni, Simone Graziano, Goran Kovacevic, Marco Nesi, Fabrizio Mocata, Claudio Giovagnoli, Paul Dabiré, Amana Melomé, Bobo Rondelli, Ginevra di Marco, Ettore Bonafé. In 2005 he attends the summer seminars of Sant’Anna Arresi, where William Parker rewards him with a scholarship. In 2006 he is again rewarded with a scholarship at the same Sant’Anna Arresi seminar, this time obtaining the opportunity to take on a study trip to Columbia College in Chicago, and the invitation to participate to the following year’s festival with an original concert with a band consisting in fellow scholarship holders. In 2008, 2009, 2010, he’s the artistic director of Jazzando, an avant-garde jazz festival based in Rome where he invites, along with many emerging artists, high profile musicians such as John Taylor, Greg Cohen, Francesco Bearzatti and Pierre Bastien. In 2010 with the band unePassante he opens all the italian acts of singer songwriter Micah P. Hinson, in 2011 of My Brightest Diamond and in 2013 of electro acoustic composer Ryoichi Kurokawa, in a concert organized and realized in collaboration with Tempo Reale, the musical research association founded by Luciano BerioIn 2011 and 2012 he plays in some venues in Tuscany with the great American clarinet player Bill Smith, of Dave Brubeck Quartet fame. In 2013 as part of Lu Colombo’s band he plays at Premio Tenco Festival in Sanremo. Since 2013 he plays electric double bass in the “balcan beat” band Baro From Orkestar, with whom he plays an impressive amount of gigs and sells over 3000 cds only in 2012/2013. Along with trumpet player and music therapist Renato Cantini he starts Ipnotize, an electronic jazz duo which successfully debuts in Prato Estate Festival 2014. On May first 2014 he’s musical co-director of the big Worker’s Day concert that takes place at Obihall in Florence, with guest artists such as Francesco Guccini, Vittorio de Scalzi, Peppe Voltarelli, Joan Isaac and many others. The same concert is repeated in Carrara on May first 2015.

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