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Super Power, the third album by Rumba de Bodas is an album with frenetic and enthralling rhythms, a soulful horn section of the highest quality, grooves that go from funk James Brown Style to Ska and a constant background of Latin influences that sails from cumbia to son. Despite Rachel Doe’s singing mostly in English, Super Power is an album that is not afraid to cross geographical or temporal boundaries, mixing space synthesisers, gospel choirs and electric guitars in an eclectic symphony of styles and musical genres. The only certainty of this album is that is full of sudden and unexpected changes of direction and the overwhelming charge That is perfectly performed, which at the end reveals their main goal, which is to be appreciated by those who love to go wild and dance their heart out!



Got together in Bologna in 2008, this talented bunch of young italian musicians has made partying their mission in life. Their frenetic mix of funk, soul and latin travels from disco to ska with a punk, soul and an eclectic approach to composition and arrangements.

Their musical journey begins as street musicians, traveling around Europe on a battered van with no clear plans and a great desire for adventure. Rumba de Bodas have now become a permanent feature in some of the continent’s most important Live Festivals. Montreaux jazz festival, the Edinburgh Jazz festival, Boomtown Fair in England and Fusion Festival in Germany passing through Sweden and Sicily just to mention a few of the many countries visited recently by this great Band. Rumba have always pleased the ever growing and more demanding audiences they have played for.

Through various changes in the Band personnel and in their sound, the band produces their first two albums ‘Just Married’ in 2012 and ‘Karnaval Fou’ in 2014, which sell out in all their open air and indoor clubs wherever they perform, during the tons of live Show they play.

2018 is the year of the third Album, ‘Super Power’ and it’s the first to be released by a record label.

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