The experimental use of TipTap undertaken by Sara Pittavini creates an interesting form of instrumental expression rather than bodydance.

Sara, co-founder and co-producer, in addition to the amazing TapDance’s performance, adds to the musical ensemble,the poetry of her Visual Art Work. So Réseau AudioVisual show is exploring new landscape in its ethereal vision, through it’s own original LiveVideos, edited for any single track, to create a multiscenic space of visual emotions.

The convergence and the clever combination of these various styles produce a mature and sophisticated atmosphere, well rendered in the debut Album ‘Abbey Song’, also due to the influence and the precious contribution of the musicians who took part in the recording, which are some of the most important jazz musicians of the italian landscape, such as the saxophonist Daniele Tittarelli and trumpeter Claudio Corvini.

‘AbbeySong’ contains only original compositions, except for one very special cover of‘Caravan’ by Duke Ellington.

Also,thanks to the intense collaboration with Gabin it was born the song “AbbeySong”, which is the title track of the Album, featuring Filippo Clary and the great musician Alfonso Deidda.

The Album is released by IrmaRecords, one of the most important trand label in Italy and Japan. IRMA records has produced international hits such as: “Found Love” by Double Dee, it has released music by Jestofunk, Montefiori Cocktail, Kaleidoscope, Sarah JaneMorris, Gazzara, Frankie Hi Energy, and so on.


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