Soul_Jazz_Unit_Old_School_Recipes_Cover6 original tracks and 4 covers completely re-arranged complete this excellent work, (‘Red Baron’ by Billy Cobham, ‘Your is the light’ from Santana’s album ‘Welcome’, ‘Love having you around’ by Stevie Wonder and the super-classic Summertime). The CD is enriched further by the participation of two special guests: Eric Daniel on flute on “Red Baron”, and Franco Marinacci on sax on “African” and “I need your funk.” The sound of Soul Jazz Unit is warm and rich of all the ingredients that characterized black music in the 60’s and 70’s: groove, melodies and feeling; going through arrangements and simple but never dull compositions, exactly how Soul Jazz is structured precisely, expressing at the same time a sound that is always current. Studio work, represents however, only a part of the Band’s potential, that, especially in Live performances finds its full expressive dimension. Marcello Surace, in fact, is a drummer from the fiery and impeccable groove, he creates that perfect rhythmic base on which the organ and the guitar can dance and move freely. Emiliano Pari is an organist who manages to make “more funky” any performance, together with a solo lyricism of the highest level. Pierluigi Masciarelli is a “hot player” who, with his sound and his precise pronunciation leaves a strong trace of his great personality, using a rare improvising skill.


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