This new Papik album entitled Sounds For The Open Road vol. 2 is an admittedly sequel to the 2014 album.

Same formula: a double album with a CD dedicated to a more Jazz sound (Jazz Lane) and the other to a sound more towards Soul (Soul Lane). Among the vocal guests: Tom Gaebel, Sarah Jane Morris, Neja, Marvin Paris, Filippo Perbellini, Kenneth Bailey, Frances Alina, Ely Bruna, Alan Scaffardi, Nadyne Rush, Dagmar Segbers, Ida Landsberg, Nadia Straccia, Cristiana Polegri, Frankie Lovecchio, Francesca Gramegna, Daniela Fiorentino, Clizia Aloisi, Dario Daneluz and The Soultrend Orchestra.

The first single released in September was Body To Body, the song made famous in the 70s by Gepy And Gepy, with Frankie Lovecchio on vocals. The second single released in October was New Frontier with Tom Gaebel on vocals

A double CD and a double vinyl with gatefold cover will also be available for the physical product.

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