After offering us a taste in the summer of 2019 with the beautiful single 019, the first Orange Combutta album finally comes out today. The project was born from an idea by Giovanni Minguzzi (drums) who, starting from the trio with Davide Tardozzi (guitar) and Lorenzo Serasini (bass), expanded the training, to create a collective that would allow him to experiment in various directions: between the musicians involved stand out esteemed and well-known names in the experimental field such as Paolo Raineri (Ottone Pesante, trumpet) and Vincenzo Vasi (OoopopoiooO, theremin, voice and other small instruments), alongside musicians coming mainly from the jazz environment such as Gabriele Carbone, Federico Squassabia, Massimo Morganti, Giacomo Bertocchi, Sebastian Mannutza, Nicola Nieddu. Later the group is enriched with the arrival of the producer Mattia “Matta” Dallara (Amycanbe, Lucifour M, Mack, Jestofunk …) and MYK L (Michele Ducci of M + A, present here in the voice in 5 tracks), last piece to make the Orange Combutta sound: soul hip-hop rhythm, orchestral synthesis, live electronics, samples, a surrealist theremin, ethereal voices and dreamy melodies, all looking at the imaginary of the films of Spike Lee, Wes Anderson, Sergio Leone and Hayao Miyazaki.

Thanks to the breadth of the collective of musicians, the project can develop through the dialogue between electric and electronic sounds on one side, acoustic and orchestral on the other. Many of the songs were born in the rehearsal room starting from micro ideas by Minguzzi, Tardozzi and Serasini: four chords and a bass ride, which were then developed and arranged, albeit without bringing them to a classic song shape, leaving free the compositional experimentation and orchestration. The orchestral micro-section is made up of a very unusual ensemble: the winds are composed of trombone, trumpet and alto sax (sax which if necessary becomes a flute, clarinet or bass clarinet), while the strings are composed of 2 5-string violins, which allow a wider sound range having both the extension of the violin and that of the viola.
Orange Combutta is an atypical collective. Their music wants to be an example of how a myriad of small suites can help describe a cohesive and personal sound, in which multiple microcosms represent colorful facets of a musical universe, which manages to make their oxymorons vibrate together. In I from the first song to the last, fragments are embedded which immerse and re-emerge subsequently: they are scenic and emotional sinkings, created by many instrumental and vocal contributions, in which the use of varispeed & family was fundamental. We could call it Harmonic Schizophrenia.


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