MILANO SHANGHAI is a Milanese crew placed within the local underground scene. The collective is represented by the founder and drummer / composer Pietro Gregori, the bassist Giovanni Doneda, the producer and musician Stefano Elli.
MILANO SHANGHAI is not just a musical group: the young team of Lombard boys includes video makers, photographers and graphic designers, establishing itself as an independent reality in all respects.
Their musical manifest is LABIRINTI EP, is out now: blurred images of everyday life, neighborhood life, a city too large but perhaps too narrow. The three boys from the Lombard capital tell the nocturnal sensations that are perceived in the air, lost precisely in “mazes” from which it is difficult to get to grips with them. 6 are the songs that alternate between tight rhythms and jazz chords, dream atmospheres but also dark and deep settings. Not surprisingly, LABIRINTI is a disc that moves around images and impressions, like the thick fog from which one is enveloped on certain nights, between LED lights and fumes, in an oriental and enigmatic Milan. LABIRINTI summarizes a very varied collective work, and represents the first chapter of a new underground reality of the Milanese scene and beyond.
«LABIRINTI is a work with which we approached in a simple and instinctive way, capturing and writing what surrounds us in everyday reality. We like to live the night and wander among the houses of our neighborhood, but also dream of being in another place, as far as possible».

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