Lovin’ Beats is a project created by Enrico Piazza, drummer and composer, that takes shape thanks to the meeting with Daniele Raffaelli, the bassist.
The genre is nu-jazz, with some hip hop, chillout, and electronic contaminations. In 2019 the band releases the first Ep named Potential Flower. The constant research for refined sounds mix with the groove; Lovin’ Beats is a return to the pulsating beats of life.

Enrico Piazza graduates in Drums to the Music Academy of Bologna in 2017, during this period he discovers the passion of composing, until the publication of a single named GIVE ME ALL with his project Hopes. In February 2018 start the collaboration with the bassist Daniele Raffaelli, already engaged as a session player in various indie bands on the local scene. Immediately the musical affinity takes the duo towards the same sound research and to the Lovin’beats project creation, that will see them engaged, next year, in the first Ep production coming out today.

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