Honeymunch are back with their spiritual jazz album Kaleidoscope in a trio line-up with Ralf Stritt on Fender Rhodes Piano & Analog Synthesizer, Andreas Stickel on Precision Bass and Norbert Koenner on Trumpet. Their instruments merge into a visionary sound cosmos that blurs the boundaries between electronic and acoustic music.
The album is freely improvised and yet very clear, a single flow that always makes sense. It was recorded live at the Maria Theresia Abbey in Duesseldorf in October 2020 and shows the mystical power of the first inspiration.
The musicians peform minimalistic but colourful and create a magical mood through complete devotion to the moment, which emotionally grabs the listener and pulls him through the entire album.

Honeymunch are bristling with inventiveness – at one level a set of funky jazz, but another, done in a style that stretches and spaces things out, giving the music an open-ended and futuristic feel! Their first album Solon was released on the Italian Label IRMA records and one of the tracks made it to the TV-series Sex and the City. They have earned the reputation of a fantastic live band. This is their third album in our catalogue.

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