DIURNO, the new concept EP by DJ Pandaj, follows on from the first project, NOTTURNO, in digital distribution by IRMA Records.

In contrast to Notturno, in which the darker and darker side of Ferdinando Miranda‘s soul was expressed, in Diurno the music develops in broad daylight, in a sound excursus that goes from dawn to dusk. An entirely instrumental chapter that narrates the emotions of the producer during the course of the day. Diurno represents a journey, in everyday life, of the Milanese musician, who retraces the rhythms, at times frenetic, of his city.

It starts with the gritty awakening of Best Morning Ever, then moves on to the urban images of Boombap and Liquid Skater. Then follows the sentimental moment of Romantic Swing, up to the end of the day, with Il Sole del Tramonto. The skillful blend of the use of refined samples, drum machines and digital sounds, and the productive elegance typical of DJ Pandaj‘s music, are extremely contemporary and wink at new genres of electronic music, such as Chill Hop, in the sensation of listening creates a hypnotic and floating effect.

The influences of avant-garde and experimental sounds come from both cool jazz and the new scene of international beatmakers, producers and DJs such as Suff Daddy, Nicola Cruz, FloFilz, Shigeto and Samiyam.

The cover graphic work, as well as for the previous works Destination Unknown and Notturno, was entrusted to Ced Pakusevskij, director winner of more than 30 Promax World Gold Awards for best design and artistic direction. Her films, fashion and advertising campaigns, have received numerous awards and nominations in San Diego, London and Berlin. His passion for music production allows him to communicate easily with musicians and sound designers, to create an organic blend of images and sounds that denote his style.

Also in this work, the head of DJ Pandaj has been digitally mapped and graphically reworked. The result is a rock covered with moss, exposed to the sun and the passage of time, in balance between nature and archeology.

The Urban: FX team took care of the video of the first single Liquid Skater entirely shot at the Skate Park The Wall in Vicenza, experimenting with new technologies, such as 360-degree shooting and augmented virtual reality, already used for Notturno, in the video of My Champagne.

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