A collection of 14 Soul/R&B tracks that are born from a hard work built thanks to years of ideas, texts written on small pieces of paper, illuminating nocturnal awakenings and fast recordings.
The album is produced and arranged by Nerio Papik Poggi and sees the participation most of the team of musicians who have been working alongside the Roman producer for years.
The album speaks of the pillars of Life: Love and Death, but also of Payback and Future.
We report two tracks in particular: Echos Of My Land that celebrates the island of Lampedusa, and My Tears Are Flying which was written in honor of a person dear to the artist.
The album title takes its voice from the seventh song, “MR ALRIGHT”: there is a phrase, in particular, which says: “It’s time for me to live my life… just wanna be free.”

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