This musical project declines and aggregates all of Vittoria‘s collaborations with Nerio “Papik” Poggi who tells of musical masterpieces, with its unique sound depths, in perfect Irma La douce style.
Stylish fragments, which make up the musical nature of Vittoria, a sanctuary of eternal quotations that opens to Mina, crosses the world of Matia Bazar with the bossa nova, caresses Little Tony‘s swing – of which she was biographer – passing through the unforgettable melodies by Pino Daniele and the New Trolls, tributes to Sergio Bardotti, Bruno Martino and Lucio Battisti.
The record STELLA takes its title from the song by Roberta Voltolini, released in Cocktail Italy Vol.1, a photograph of a melancholy emotion, which Vittoria’s soft and sandy voice envelops; a warm world that these songs explore, powerful energy in TI SENTO and THE LAST CHANCE.

A record played by incredible musicians, who make this work rich and unmissable, including Alan Scaffardi, who duets with Vittoria in a burning and sweet version of IF YOU WANT, Ely Bruna who gives magic with his evocative intro in BADA BAMBINA and Fabrizio Boxwood whose trumpet solo is diamond for SUDDENLY, a classic by Maestro Bruno Canfora illuminated by Papik’s sounds’60s.

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