Two years after their latest discographic production, I Casi release their second album with Label Irma Records: Vecchie Che Cadono. The work, as precedent record Clunk, as well as the band’s name, quotes Russian writer Daniil Charms’ tales in its title and it concretely continues I Casi’s intentions defining both the writing and sound identity of the quartet. Once again inspired by absurd, comic and violent tales that Charms used to create a continue variety of images used to impress and surprise the reader, I Casi propose original compositions that don’t fit any musical gender or label, taking distance from classical jazz structures and its virtuosity and giving space to a homogeneous and compact sound. Pieces are composed by all members of the band, which remain the same since its formation with Arturo Garra playing Clarinets, Andrea Jimmy Catagnoli on Alto Sax, Vito Zeno at the Doublebass and Andrea Quattrini on drums, and are collectively arranged so that every different way of writing and the classic, reggae, drum and bass, dance and jazz influences of each element of the group become what is every day more clearly I Casi’s auditory imaginary. Vecchie Che Cadono confirms the talent, stability and originality of this Milano-based band, able to interlace with elegance irony and courage. Vecchie Che Cadono was recorded in Milano during July 2018 at Orlando Music Studio and was mixed by Mauro Forester.


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