The Shiffers is the solo side project by Claudio Zanoni, trumpet player in Italian pop act Ridillo, who released five albums during their 10 year career. Claudio also worked with artists like Eumir Deodato, Montefiori Cocktail and Italian pop icon Gianni Morandi. In between, he has kept busy composing jingles and signature themes for TV productions. The Shiffers, compared to Ridillo, who basically produce songs, represent Claudio’s love for instrumental music and allow him to have more fun with the music itself, without the boundaries of the song as such. The 20 CD tracks are extremely variegated, ironically moving from Bossa Nova to the Bacharach sound, from 60’s Beat and Twist to Blue Note Jazz, all revisited in a cocktail spirit. Every track on the album is a little gem of its own, an ideal mini-soundtrack to every day’s passions and pressure. And, last but not least, Claudio plays all instruments by himself on the whole album!

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Cocktail Lounge Lounge Soundtrack

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