An acoustic piano playing simultaneously guitar tabs and orchestral transcriptions: not so usual. So is the double bass alternation between romantic bowing and swing pizzicato. And what about a rock drum kit suddenly becoming a symphonic percussion ensemble? When on stage or in the studio, THE PIANO ROOM is all this and much more. Composer and pianist Francesco Gazzara’s new project  – after 15 years of TV/film scoring and 4 albums with acid jazz combo GAZZARA – joins prog rock’s mystical atmospheres with Canterbury’s acoustic folk. The piano, double bass and drums trio – usually a jazz formula – was the perfect vehicule to give those precious musical genres a modern impact, rhythmically and sonically. Into the album, “Early Morning” (2007, Irma Records), Francesco Gazzara shares duties with Luca Fogagnolo (double bass) and Giuliano Ferrari (drums, gongs, tambourine), both members of italian jazz combo Chat Noir. In this CD  all the songs are  arranged and orchestrated for the live trio, with a sensible increase in choral tension, pastoral echoes and epic melodies.  Might sound like Genesis (“Watcher Of The Skies” trio version is also in their live set) or Tony Banks, Ant Phillips, King Crimson, Rick Wakeman, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy. Or maybe THE PIANO ROOM is just a modern path on an ancient rug: a kind of imaginary journey that will take you through years of fruitful contacts between rock and classical music.

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Classical Jazz Progressive

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