The Brother Foster cut his teeth playing out at the early Raid & Boy’s Own parties in London’s prediscovered club scene, in days when warehouse parties rocked, Electro was not funky, vinyl was king & no one could beat mix. Since then The Brother has been a very active ‘bedroom DJ’ for far too many years : bedroom-bound because of a love of cutting cloth over cutting records. Instead of following the road to DJ Producer, Brother Foster went to St Martin’s, got on the fashion course & ran & Dj’ed in clubs to sub the student grant, back in the early 80’s. The Brother is, in fact, Mr Phil Goss a.k.a Phil Ijin ,founder & designer of cult denim label Ijin Material, & also creatively responsible for making Evisu Genes a global phenomenon, over a decade ago. However, Music has always been the Heart & DJing the Soul & now Brother Foster is the alter ego born with a simple intention of combining these two passions. The archived sample sounds of ”Bro Fo” are a direct heritage of the myriad of musical references in the personal archives of over 35 years of sonic acquisition. All of them eclectic,all of them classics and all of them blended in a digital kitchen serving feshly made broken lounge, jazz glitch & funky tech.

The Brother Foster: audiogastronomic soundsculptor.



[mp3t track=”” title=”01. Idris Ape”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”02. Lei Hu”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”03. Try Hard Too”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”04. The Squeezer”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”05. Cimbalino”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”06. Porch Munkey”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”07. Horny Rear”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”08. Clock Teaser”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”09. Stamford Top”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”10. Broken Will”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”11. Sonny Mio”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”12. Akwalung”]

[clear /]

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