The Italian trio (leaded by Tommaso Mantelli, homonym of Capt Thomas Mantell, the first pilot dying chasing an UFO…) still mixes punk attitude with electronic machines, resulting deliciously pop anyway. Since 2007 the space crew stood out as a new style revelation in the Italian scene for his super show live attitude (space suites and masks,3D projection system) and his explosive mix of sounds and melodies. After the LONG WAY PURSUIT (LP 2007-Kiver) following the UFO, after a long year lost in space, REST IN SPACE (LP 2010-Hypotron/Irma Rec) now they are going to smash back to the Planet Earth.
The new album GROUND LIFT is OUT NOW for Hypotron / IRMA records! A new muddy kind of hybrid sound. A trip through time and styles. Kubrik would be proud of them!!! The space crew has been touring since 2007, sharing the stage with big artists as Chemical Brothers, Klaxons, Mouse On Mars, White Rose Movement, Icarus, Tito&Tarantula, Louie Austen, Freakatronic and appearing at the main music festivals in Italy (Heineken Jamming Festival, Sonisphere) and club nights. The press says they are between electro and new-rave,between past and future (DEVO, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, New Order, Zoot Woman, NIN, Orgy).

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[mp3t track=”” title=”01. We need a fix”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”02. Why I’m dead”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”03. The wind of something new”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”04. Mr B”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”05. Yesterday (Like the Beatles say)”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”06. Just for us”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”07. Simple entertainment”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”08. Before we perish”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”09. My personal end of the world”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”10. Yeah nothing”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”11. Plutonium love”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”12. Foresteria (Venice – Istanbul)”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”13. Maybe it’s you”]

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