James Wood III, from Dorset (UK), and Giuseppe Lovreglio, from Taranto (Italy), met in 2007 and founded Silvia’s Magic Hands as a duo of folk singer-songwriters. In 2008 a home recorded demo gained them the admission to an Arezzo Wave contest. They completed the line-up with a drummer and started to be booked as support live act to various italian artists on tour, as well as take part to more contests, winning a few. Their sound was defined as ‘passional, rough and intense’. They managed to get a lot of positive feedback from the specialist press. In 2007 they were signed by IRMA records and finished their 10 track debut album, with help from Enri Zavalloni (Mike Patton). Their sound spans from the 50’s until today, from England’s countryside to the American metropolitan indie sound. Two guitars, two voices and a limping rhythm section. Their inspiration: Bob Dylan, PJ Harvey, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, J. and T. Buckley, Iron & Wine, J.White, The Gun Club, Mississipi river, Seattle, vinyl, wine, cigarettes, basements and ripped wallpaper… all blended together in a busking style. All this is Silvia’s Magic Hands!

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