The Silvia Donati & Nova 40 project was born thanks to the enthusiasm of Riccardo Rinaldi (Ohm Guru) and Ninfa who gathered together splendid musicians to create a fresh album, halfway between acoustic and electronic in which there are strong echoes of bossanova and samba, but not only.
A choral work with: Silvia Donati as author and interpreter; Massimo Greco as musician, author and arranger (we note in fact the unmistakable sound of his trumpet on the track Wide by Arianna Finelli); Roberto Rossi on drums and percussion but also the author of some songs; Meroli on saxophones; Cristian Lisi on double bass but also the author of some songs; Maurizio Piancastelli on the trumpet and the arrangement of Fale claro, while we report the featuring by Nelson Machado and the backing vocals of Barbara Giorgi and Monica Dardi in the song Sim ou não.

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