Antonio “Rigo” Righetti, bass player and singer, started his career in 1986 with the band Rocking Chairs, with whom he recorded four albums for EMI. Two of them were recorded in NY and Nashville respectively, and licensed to Germany, Holland and Japan. During the years spent with the band, Rigo toured a lot in Italy and abroad and worked with artists like Willie Nile, Robert Gordon, Willy De Ville and Elliot Murphy. When the Rocking Chairs split up in 1991 he went on with some collabs with The Gang, Beto and the Two Tones, Freddy Morales and Edoardo Bennato. In the autumn 1994 Rigo began to play bass in Luciano Ligabue’s band (one of Italy’s most successful rockers). Until 2007 Rigo was the leader of Ligabue’s band both in the studio and on tour, involving other members of the Rocking Chair too. Since the beginning of the century Rigo’s been producing his own material as well and in 2005 he released his first solo work, a 5 track EP titled ‘Songs from a room volume 1’. In 2008 his first solo album ‘Smiles and Troubles‘ is ready to be released. It’s an album by the typical American blues sound, where Rigo sings, plays bass, but has also recorded some guitar parts.


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Blues Folk Rock

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