The second album in his own name of guitarist Piero Masciarelli represents a drastic change of course compared to previous works that have seen him engage in the territories of jazz funk (the album with the trio Soul Jazz Unit and the soloist one as Be Bop Dance).

In this album the artist declares all his love for Black Rock.

The landmarks here are Jimi Hendrix, Hiram Bullock and Carlos Santana but also Albert King and BB King!

With Black Gear Session you are in fact immersed in a much more hendrixian sound (Band of Gypsys) using a simple script that serves only as a launch pad for long and lyrical guitar solos always supported by a very solid and creative base rhythm offered by two excellent musicians like Alessandro Bastianelli and Roberto Zamporlini. Rock instrumental funk approached with an almost coltranian adventurous spirit that makes this new work by Masciarelli and his companions a must for lovers of rock guitar funk uncompromising.


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