Orchestra_Volare_Italianissimo_CoverITALIANISSIMO it’s the Title of ‘Orchestra Volare’ first album, an ensemble of musicians of the highest level, that for many many years have been the backing Band of Artists like, Gianni Morandi, Nomadi, Anna Oxa and Vecchioni and with all them have played a multitude of Live Shows around the world. They have now finally decided to convey their whole experience of playing Live in International stages and adapt it in an ambitious project : to go over again of fifty years of the Italian Song and picking it’s best highlights and accompanying it with photographic images, audiovisual contributions, film clips all mixed into a powerful combination that raises evocative memories and emotions. ITALIANISSIMO is the extreme synthesis of ‘Orchestra Volare’ Show, a handful of songs, certainly too few to represent the endless number of great Italian successes, but that gives a perfect idea of the artistic quality of the performers and their ability to revive great Italian music avoiding the rhetoric of a nostalgic feel, too often proposed in the past by other Orchestras… And so we have one after the other, Tony Renis , Modugno , Celentano, Mina, Morricone in a respectful reinterpretation of the original arrangements , another key part of the project. To enrich this little gem, there are two new original songs self penned by Orchestra Volare themselves titled ‘Se Ritornerai’ and ‘Sono Fatti Miei’.

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