The Montefiori twins were born into an incredibly creative family, Germano their father, pictured on the cover of their cd, is a key figure on the easy listening scene in Italy. Here they have given birth to an evocative sound-track conceived especially for afternoon pleasures, filled with cocktails, soft sofas and flattering mirrors. The Montefiori twins go more confidently from “Ravel’s Bolero” to the music from the t.v. ad for ‘Peroni’ beer, to the cult dance track “Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters and even a sumptuous rendering of the “Star Trek” theme. This music conjures up strong images, journeys in high fidelity which begin in one’s own living room, perhaps in front of the t.v. and take us too far away worlds,  by the soothing sound of Federico, on saxophones and flutes and Francesco on the keyboards.

We are treated to a remarkable performance from the star of the family, Germano, in an all-consuming work out on sax on “Crazy beat”. One last piece of advice to gain maximum enjoyment of this record, all you need is a Montefiori Cocktail; the ingredients are listed on the inside sleeve the cover!
Is there such a thing as an Italian easy listening tradition, beyond the “global” motif of the soundtraks which have emerged from Cinecitta’ over the years. In the Romagna region, where wild dance music has long filled dancefloors and where there has always been a meeting point between various styles. This has been an important element in the seduction of aspiring dancers and young “latin lovers”, and has brought together jazz ‘melody’ tangos and nightclub atmosphere. An Italian slant on the so-called “cocktail” sound, pleasurable entertainment, “wallapaper music” (to use one of Brian Eno’s favourite expressions), but also a remarkable melting pot of emotions and styles.

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