Passionate about music, Mauro listens to everything: from Daft Punk to Bruno Martino, from Telefon Tel Aviv to Zucchero.
Drummer inside, DJ and electronic music producer outside.
After a brief interlude with Vincenzo Micocci‘s It Dischi Italia, as an author, in 2005 he was struck by electronic sounds, starting some collaborations with artists of the electro circuit.
In 2009, with the production of SUBSONICA bassist Luca “Vicio” Vicini, an experimental music project called RADICE was born.
On 21 October 2010 the first EP titled È così veloce was released on IRMA Records; four pieces with deep house sounds, accompanied by lounge music contaminations.
Among these, The Yellow Karma sees the collaboration of the accordionist Massimo Tagliata (collaborator, among others, of Biagio Antonacci).
The 2014 Slide Away CD, also for IRMA Records, was the result of two years of intense work, resulting from the meeting of Mauro‘s musical world with the likes of James Thompson, Simona Bencini, Ricky Portera, Frank Nemola, Doctor Feelx.
Today we present Lost in Tel Aviv, an EP conceived and dressed in old school sounds. Six tracks that represent travel stories which see the participation of the voice and sax of James Thompson (One More Day, Smooth Cloth) and Serena Cecchi.
Let the journey begin.

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