CD-MATTEO-FRONT-01Esteemed by artists such as Michael Bublé, with whom he sang live in 2007, Matteo Brancaleoni is considered one of the leading Italian interpreters of the American songbook. Listed among the ten best jazz singers in the referendum of the Italian magazine “Jazz-It” for five years, on the stage of the prestigious “Blue Note” in Milan he had 12 SOLD OUT concerts. He has worked with, among others, jazz musicians such as Franco Cerri, Renato Sellani, Gianni Basso, Stefano Bollani. Awarded “Best New Talent” at Elba Jazz in 2008, his debut album “Just Smile” was enthusiastically received by audiences and critics  both nationally and internationally. The “Live In Studio” album remained among the best-selling jazz records on iTunes for over four years. He has sold more than 35 thousand physi-cal copies in Italy, USA, Canada and Japan, and has given more than 500 concerts in Italy and abroad.
After four albums devoted to the American songbook, this is the first one where Brancaleoni presents exclusively Italian songs. His is a declaration of love to the great Italian melody celebrated around the world.  An album of Italian songs, sung in 4 languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French. 
13 of the most beautiful Italian songs ever written performed by artists such as Domenico Modugno, Paolo Conte, Adriano Celentano, Mina, Ornella Vanoni, revisited in swing, pop / jazz, bossa nova with new fresh, elegant and captivating arrangements. All executed rigorously and mostly LIVE with an orchestra of 24 elements. The arrangements are all originals written by Nino La Piana with Matteo, except “Qu’est-ce Que Tu As Mis Dans Le Cafe?” which was arranged by Nerio “Papik” Poggi.
The disc boasts the extraordi-nary participation of ROSARIO FIORELLO, RENZO ARBORE and internationally renowned jazz musician, trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso in three songs.
Among other collaborations,  appearing on the album are: the lovely and talented showgirl Melita Toniolo,  the vocal quartet “Voci di Corridoio“, the suave and sophi-sticated Mexican singer Ely Bruna, the beautiful voice of Stephanya (former conte-stant on The Voice of Italy).
Also included are two new songs, one of which (Domani) written with one of the young talents of the Italian songwriters: Donato Santoianni. A disc that is refined, elegant and infused with a great radiance and energy but which also offers intima-te and intense moments.
According to the press Matteo is the “Italian crooner” best known both in Italy and abroad.

Placing three times in the Top 5 albums of the iTunes Jazz chart, his album “Live in Studio”, went as far as first place, and remained for 208 weeks among the best-selling jazz albums on the Apple store. 

Esteemed by artist such as Renzo Arbore, Maurizio Costanzo, Fiorello, Red Ronnie, Riz Ortolani and Michael Bublé (with whom he presented a live duet in Rome in 2007 in concert), he is without a doubt, one of the most important Italian interpreters of the American songbook.

Festivals, theatre and prestigious stage venues include: Grimaldi Forum (Monaco), St. Moritz Jazz Fest, Umbria Jazz, Casino Monte Carlo, Venice Casino, Perla Casino in Nova Gorica, Piazza San Carlo Turin (Year 2014), Teatro Carignano, New Theatre, Teatro della Pergola Florence, Vittoria Jazz Festival.

Over the years, he has been fortunate and privileged to collaborate with jazz musicians such as Franco Cerri, Renato Sellani, Gianni Basso, Stefano Bollani and Fabrizio Bosso.
His debut album “Just Smile” and his second album “Live In Studio” were enthusiastically received by audiences and critics nationally and internationally.

Performing on stage of the prestigious Blue Note in Milan more than twenty times, twelve of which were SOLD OUT concerts .
Among the ten best Italian jazz singers for five consecutive years, according to the magazine Jazz-It.
6 albums, 500 concerts in Italy and abroad,  he has sold over 35 thousand physi-cal copies in Italy, USA, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Spain and Japan.

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