Gianni & Enzo Lo Greco (Lo Greco Bros, Soulstance Quintet Lo Greco) is one of the tightest rhythm sections in the Italian and international music scene today. The two brothers have built a solid reputation thanks to Albums they have recorded that have always been very appreciated by critics, fans and musicians of all kinds. Their Team feature is the great ability to involve the audience in their improvisational textures.
They have collaborated with Chet Baker, Brian Auger, Ray Charles,  Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Jobim, Lalo Schifrin, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Nicola Conte, Rosalia De Souza, Gerardo Frisina and many other internationally renowned artists.
Well known are also their production skills, one that stands out is “This Is What You Are” the worldwide Hit by Mario Biondi. Very talented musicians with the project ‘Lo Greco Bros Quartet’ keep in time with today’ sound of great quality jazz. The new project began recording original compositions for the current quartet with special  attention to sound built around the rhythmic and melodic and harmonic atmosphere with the sole purpose to improvise, as primary jazz philosophy, along with the sax  and the piano and merge the excitement with the listener in a mutual creative stimulation.

Short Stories is the title of their new work and has big compositional and rhythmic ambitions of an international profile, that puts it on the same level as great composers and  performers of contemporary Jazz. Essential and important parts of the  project are, apart from Enzo Lo Greco (composer of all songs in the album) and Gianni Lo Greco (co-producer of the project and the main heart and soul of the Band) the featuring of talented Germano Zenga on tenor sax and the new collaboration with the excellent piano craftsmanship of Antonio Zambrini.  Short Sories are everyday life’s stories of sensitive people  who feel the continuous and emotional changes of daily life and who keeps asking where is the happiness, love and passion in the respect and self esteem.


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