2010 opens with one of the most successful compilations in the Irma catalogue: La Douce Party volume 3. Irma’s sub-label La Douce is the symbol of a true musical trend that was actually created by its artists, on the scene for over 15 years. It’s a sound that originates from Cocktail Lounge music of the 50’s (TV series soundtracks, lounge bars, US Easy Listening and Italian ballroom dancing), contaminated with the rhythms and the electronic grooves of today’s dance music. Nothing to do with Chill Out then. On the contrary, there’s nothing to relax about! Dancing is kindly requested, foot tapping to say the least! Otherwise you’re out! The opening tune is the wonderful remix by Danish producer Solo Moderna of the song ‘The Fixer’ by ‘Cinematic band of the moment’ Acusmatic Group. Followed by a series of wild break beat productions, among which Aldo Vannucci’s remix of ‘Devil Inside’ by Max Sedgely stands out, together with the soundtrack of Sony PSP’s TV ad ‘Body Down’ by The Shiffers. We could not ignore, of course, Bengi Jumping and Robert Passera (with a taster of his new album), but also Modulo 5 and Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra (both from the minds of the duo Dave Masoch/Paolo Apollo Negri, the latter with track under his own name too). Last but not least: one of the last productions from the late DJ Rodriguez, with special guest on vocals Maki from Pizzicato Five!

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Bossa Nova Breakbeat Cinematic Cocktail Lounge Easy Listening Lounge

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