The band known as Joe Dibrutto have been active on the Italian music scene since 1992. They have several releases under their belt a solid live experience. After splitting up for some time they find new energy today and release their new album ‘Listen To The Music’ on Irma Records. The record is influenced by their ever favourite 70’s Disco Funk sound, but also by Italian pop subtle atmospheres. The album includes 11 original compositions and a cover of the House tune ‘Do U Wanna Dance’, rivisited with a 70’s feel. The song was originally sung by the band’s bass player and backing vocalist Marco, with one of his previous bands. The title track ‘Listen To The Music’ is also the one of its highlights, a joyous Soul track with a Gospel Choir intro, thanks to the collaboration with famous Italian Dance singer Daniela ‘Dhany’ Galli.

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Dance Disco Pop

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