Jazztronica is a genre of contemporary electronic music. The term was coined in the late 1990’s for music that blends jazz elements with other music styles, such as funk, soul, electronic dance music and free improvisation.

With this new selection titled Jazztronical we want to add to all these music influences also Classical music.

Some of the artists involved in this collection are at their first experience with IRMA records such as: Michele Staino & Renato Cantini, trumpet, bass and electronica from Florence; Soulstance and Jazz 2 More, two projects signed by Lo Greco brothers; Tiziano Bianchi, trumpeter composer produced by Tiger Okoshi; Cabras and Kato, both djs coming direct form from Hip Hop; iCasi, quartet of young jazzists from Milan; Pier Bernardi, bass player composer with Dave Rhodes from Peter Gabriel’s band; Jazz Reason, Dj Guido Nemola‘s new jazz house project together with Mauro Tre on piano and Emanuele Coluccia on sax. We find back the team of milanese Loop Therapy who have just released their second JazzHop album, as well as DN3, Agostino Maria Ticino, DJ Muf, Joash, Réseau and Clan Greco.

The cover is an original design by 15 years old artist Diego Damiani.

Listen here.

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