Ivana Parnasso is a young artist born in Marsala (Sicily-Italy), devoted to art sculptor and painter grew up in a family where there is much of music and art, in his childhood thanks to the father (drummer) grows in a world of notes and harmonies, sounds that will influence in his artistic career. Percussionist and composer is also equipped with a fine voice, begins its first steps in music at the age of 18, playing the drums and percussion in various groups and musical genres, subsequently she contaminates with genres such as BossaNova and Funky. As composer his music have an elegant approach to a mix of genres correlated with each other, the musical influences found in his compositions have a taste of BossaNova, Funk, Soul Jazz, Drum ‘n’ Bass and Trip Hop, a research for a sonority Lounge/Chillout with a style of great taste with seventies reminiscences. Her debut in the world of music is the album “Pick!” (2010, Sobra)
His first album have had great positive feedback throughout Europe bringing to public attention the music of the young and talented Italian artist. Her first song “Never Worry” (original version) be included on the compilation “Tropicalismo Vol.1” (Sobra) and the alternative acoustic version on the compilation “Tropicalismo Vol.2”

Her great 2nd new album “Spirograph” (2012, IRMA) is a special mixture of Bossa Nova, Funk and Jazz all electronically mixed by an artist/composer that has much talented to create the right elegant atmosphere of the Lounge Music.

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[mp3t track=”” title=”01. Unnatural”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”02. Didgeridoofunk”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”03. Pure imagination”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”04. Patto al veleno”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”05. Brighten”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”06. Spring time”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”07. Anguana”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”08. Real moon”]
[mp3t track=”” title=”09. Greenwich”]

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Acid Jazz Electronica Funk Jazz Jazz Funk Lounge Nu Jazz

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