FROM THE 90S TO THE FUTURE VOL 1, is the first of three volumes of a collection of unpublished material, conceived and produced by Ice One between 1991 and 1995. This material was conceived as musical proposals for those who are become albums, like B-Boy Maniaco and Odio Pieno. The beats of this collection were recovered from the original masters and were edited and remastered by Ice One itself. To date, these unpublished beats can be considered as listening to music, for those who love the sound of the 90s, or as production music.

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Sebastiano Ruocco, known as Ice One, began his DJ activity in 1982, at the age of 15. Already in 1983, he began to resonate his name throughout Italy, as a pioneer of evenings nights only Hip Hop and Electro.
In the early 90’s he formed the Power MC’s group with Duke Montana and Julie P, the first Italian rap project in English that publishes several songs and also produces other artists such as South Force, Charlie Jay, and DJ Stile.
In 1990 he appeared in the television program Fantastico conducted by Jovanotti. In 1994 Ice One met Il Danno, La Beffa (later changed to Masito) and Piotta together forming the Taverna Ottavo Colle, which later became Colle Der Fomento.
He recorded the solo album B-Boy Maniaco for Mandibola Records / Irma Records in 1995. The album contains various participations by other artists, such as Il Danno, La Beffa and La Comitiva, a collective group formed together with Riccardo Senigallia and Francesco Zampaglione of Tiromancino, DJ Stile and Davide Nerattini. In 1996 he published his second solo work, this time under the pseudonym of DJ Sensei, entitled Crescendo: The Dark Side Of Funk always for Irma Records.
The album features hip hop influences mixed with electronics. In the same year, he published for Mandibola Records / Irma Records, Odio Pieno, debut album by Colle Der Fomento. After the success of the album in 1997, IRMA signed a distribution contract for Mandibola Records with Virgin Records which reprinted the disc with 4 bonus tracks and in 1999 released the second album by Colle Der Fomento entitled Scienza Doppia H. After this album, Ice One leaves the group. The same year Virgin also publishes the La Comitiva album entitled La Medicina Buona.
He writes music for several films: Torino Boys, Paz!, Le Amiche Del Cuore, Amatemi and for videogames like Fifa Football 2004.
He has collaborated in various forms (remixes, productions, co-productions and concerts) with various Italian and international artists, such as Frankie Hi NRG (his the music of Quelli Che Benpensano), Fluydo, Tiromancino, Afrika Bambaataa, Public Enemy, 99 Posse, Frontal Assaults, La Pina, Flaminio Maphia, Esa, Murubutu, Loop Therapy, Elisa.
In 2014 he participated in the documentary Numero Zero: the Origins of Italian Hip Hop, while during the following year he collaborated with Don Diegoh on the making of the album Latte & Sangue, released in October of the same year through Glory Hole Records. Recently, he formed the CALICE crew with the poet Cal.


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