I Casi are born in Milan in 2013 as a tribute to pianoless formation of Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker, but the project was soon abandoned to give way to the need to come up with original compositions by all group members.

In the following two years the band has the opportunity to perform and emerge within in Milan and Italian music scene, producing independently two albums that will lead them to participate and win, in 2015, the first edition of the Prize Maletto.
I Casi is a work of Daniil Kharms. A collection of visionary tales describing a reality, seemingly unconnected but is part of the same absurd and multi faceted scenario.


Clunk, also the title of one of the stories told by Kharms, is the result of a collective research to enhance and take up the different musical languages ​​that have most influenced the four musicians. 13 tracks, touching different genres, enclose into an organic whole eclectic intentions of their composers, transforming the typical jazz experimentation in a less articulated deliberately but, at the same time, innovative synthesis.

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