First work by Roman singer-songwriter ERIKA SCHERLIN, with the production and arrangement of Nerio “Papik” Poggi.

12 tracks, of which 10 unpublished and two covers that tell of “lights” and “shadows” in the intimate and emotional life of the artist. In the disc, we highlight the duality of these two factors that constantly condition the evolution and growth of each human being.

A contrast to which each of us must cope if he does not want to be trapped in the “non-awareness” of himself! Words that then turn into moods, as in Small Words a track that opens the CD, where solitude is rejected by the only thing that succeeds in filling that void, the music, and the doubt, however, of not being ready to express it fully.

Love, a feeling that finds comfort in an embrace (Hold me) or that remains doubtful in being deciphered between reality or illusion (I don’t Know) or that does not stand up to everyday life and crumbles slowly into boredom and incapacity of the couple still sharing dreams and passions (Too Late – First single extracted and video) or where a betrayal marks the greatest disillusionment, that of the end of a life together (Nasty).

Fears and doubts that arise with the passage of time in the ‘bitter awareness that that time never comes back (Wasting Time) Confidence and optimism, however, are the key to salvation, and come with lightness and warmth to lighten the shadow of suffering and disillusionment (Gentle Clouds), or they become an exhortation to have self-confidence (Try) or suggest strength in being the best people and implementing personal and civil change (Change it) and then trying to do the “right thing” (Make it right) The covers instead are a tribute to Erika’s first active listening experience.

Tracy Chapman is one of the most beloved artists of the singer-songwriter who, among other things, had the merit of encouraging her to undertake the singing profession. Save a Prayer instead is the embodiment of the vital optimism that characterizes his personality, a natural and sunny resilience that wants to grasp with confidence every dream that life proposes without losing sight of the here and the time. your life in the light, despite the adversities: “Take a chance like all the dreamers can’t find another way, you don’t have to dream at all just a dayShadows and Lights is a record that draws its roots in the sounds of American pop-rock, from Carly Simon to John Mayer, through the sound atmosphere of Elisa‘s debut.


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