Drunken_Burrefly_Pic_Tour_2013A really long tour with lots of miles covered in the process, sound checks, lots of new people met, checking in and out of different Hotels, trying out all the different local food and… Beverages… And lots of good times in and out of different cities. This is Drunken Butterfly‘s Epsilon tour, taking the name from their latest work. The Album has been welcomed by critics and audiences alike, everywhere Drunken Butterfly have performed their explosive Live Set from one side to the opposite extreme of the Italian peninsula.
Epsilon tour is coming to an end soon with the last three Shows remaining to be played, details as follow, not to be missed and strongly suggested if you are in Areas nearby!

21st July – ZOE MICROFESTIVAL – Pesaro
23rd July – MARTINBOOK FESTIVAL – Martinsicuro (TE)
1st August- LAZZARETTO ESTATE – Ancona

Or maybe No!


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