Dj Fede is one of the leading djs of the European black & disco funk scene. For more than 29 years he has been regularly attending the most important consoles in Italy, Spain, USA, UK, Holland and France. His dj-sets include new and past tracks, with black roots but with attention to new sounds.
This musical idea is well represented in the first single with our label. In fact a classic House from the 90s as Body you will listen to it in pure Disco-Sound, thanks to the participation of Cato (Bluebeaters guitarist and bassist of Africa Unite) in the 2 original versions.
The remixes are entrusted to Al Kent, indisputably the most important name of the disco and nu disco scene in Europe, to Cassimm world famous house producer, not forgetting the remixes of Andrea Passenger and Dj Ale. The voice is entrusted to the expert and very good Gloria B thanks to her vocal timbre perfectly in line with the musical idea of Dj Fede.

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