ACUSMATIC GROUP is an instrumental cinematic-jazz-funk studio project, founded by 2 musicians/producers (Romeo Sandri and Michele Berselli) based in the North-West of Italy.
 ACUSMATIC GROUP are inspired by spy movies atmospheres, blaxploitation and 70’s Italian cop movies. They combine the magic of ‘crime jazz’ and funk from those days, giving it a fresh treatment with today’s hip hop grooves.
‘Pilot’ is their debut album, released on La Douce (IRMA records). It contains only original compositions, except for one very special cover of ‘Walkin’ On The Moon’ by The Police that could easily come from the soundtrack of ‘Shaft’.
Despite the fact that ACUSMATIC GROUP have had no releases so far, their sound has already gained many international supporters thanks to their My Space. Among them UK radio DJ Stuart Chalk, who played some of their tunes on his ‘Vibes Unlimited’ show. 
ACUSMATIC GROUP’s live line-up is a quintet, with a pulsing rhythm section and a rich instrumentation (clavinets, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, wah guitars, flutes, sax). The addition of samplers and a few digital gimmicks give birth to their original hip-jazz-funk sound.

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Cinematic Jazz Funk Lounge

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