• 10 CORSO COMO – 20 Years

    Connoisseurs of 10 Corso Como music are familiar by now with the imaginative dichotomies that have been following each other on our compilations for exactly ten years now. Initially “Yin & Yang” (2001), then “Ida & Pingala” (2002), later “North & South” (2003) and so on. It’s the One that divides in Two, as we have often recalled during the years, but on the other hand it’s the Two that recomposes to form the One, as everything has always to go back to the Unity. As it happens in all aspects of life, including music. But now that we have reached the fateful ninth compilation we will put aside the dichotomies. Because 9 for numerologists is the perfect number that ends a cycle and prompts us to harvest all the good we have sown in the previous 8 phases. Number 9 is therefore an invitation to careful consideration, so that we can start a new cycle with a fresh will and deeper awareness. Or even stop for a while, knowing that what was conceived and planned with number 1, in our case the above mentioned “Yin & Yang”, has been brought to completion. For this reason the copy of “20 Years” you are holding in your hands right now is a kind of indivisible “unicum”, although structured as two CD’s according to 10 Corso Como tradition. A “unicum” full of goodies from the World: current affairs like “Sahara” by Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara, but also gems from the past like the masterpieces “In A Sentimental Mood” by John Coltrane and Duke Ellington or “Ntsikana’s Bell” by Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim, with a considerable predominance, for a change, of jazz or “almost jazz” material. It might sound a little risky, but after twenty years we thought we could dare that. Good listening!



    SOME TRACKS OF “10 CORSO COMO – 20 Years”:

    Play 1. KALWEIT AND THE SPOKES – Around the edges

    Play 2. PAOLO DI SABATINO – The girl from Ipanema

    Play 3. SILVIA’S MAGIC HANDS – Rocket Grave

    Play 4. PAPIK – Staying for good

    Play 5. SAKAI ASUKA – New Life

    Play 6. SARAH JANE MORRIS – A world to win

    Play 7. AARON TESSER & THE NEW JAZZ AFFAIR – Ride like the wind

    Play 8. ZONE – Gimali (Chris X-Bass Lisi Remix)



  • 10 CORSO COMO – Ares / Eros

    Eros is obviously expression of unconditional Love and for this reason is endowed with unlimited power. Ares is the Lord of war, contradiction principle in its hardest and purest form

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