Zerosospiro is a project by Paolo D’Errico (composer and arranger: Ridillo, Funky Co., Gianni Morandi, Orchestra) and Alessandra Ferrari (vocals and lyricist).
The idea was born from the passion of the two for the pop orchestrated music. Songs that seem soundtracks for films of the past years, melodies that stand out thanks to soul voice of Alessandra between strings and vintage instruments, and which give the Italian music a new shape, a new and unique color. The cross with electronic sounds brings them closer to the sound of an illustrious contemporary foreign bands such as Zero 7 and Thievery Corporation. Since the first steps the two get the immediate approval of DJs and record labels. In fact, many songs, despite sung in Italian, are placed in important selections and compilations around the world, from Japan to the United States, England and Europe. Their first album Mentre Il Sole Splende was out on IRMA records and includes all of their most important tracks: Artificiale, Quasi trasparente, Automaticamente, the unreleased ‘L’Amore Che Verrà’ and the cover version of the song in bossa ‘Conversazione’ made famous in the 60s by Mina .

Sogni Sul Divano is the second album by Zerosospiro. The album contains 12 tracks, 8 original and 4 cover, including the post electronic review of Una Cellula, a song included in the album of Franco Battiato, Fetus (1972).

Album full of colors and musical images, contains a more mature sound than the previous Mentre il Sole Scende while maintaining the use of sampling and programmed drums, fragments of digitized music, the album transmitted, thanks to Alessandra’s voice, a single heat, recurring in all the songs.
The use of orchestrations mixed with typical sounds of electronic music places them in a larger space, not limited only to Italian territory.
So alternate tracks like Lessons in Love (originally written by Level 42), or as “Il Desiderio”, original song, surrounded by a special aura, a fluid and light text, recalling bands like Zero 7 and Goldfrapp .
Perhaps the song that could represent Zerosospiro is “This is a Dream”, a song written a few days before closing the album. A song from the international fusing the atmosphere of the trip hop orchestrations to John Barry.

Listen here.

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